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Essential products of emergency equipment - diesel generator
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Why say diesel generating set is one of the prerequisite products emergency equipment
For diesel generating
set equipment is simple, less auxiliary equipment, light weight, the unit power light, with high speed diesel engine as an example, the general in 8 ~ 20 kg/kW, and the steam power plant more than four times larger than the index of the diesel generators. Due to the feature of diesel generator set, and its flexible and convenient, convenient to move. Used as a independent power supply main power of the diesel generator used more configuration mode, and backup or emergency diesel generator set generally used with variable power distribution equipment. From a few kW diesel generator set of single capacity to thousands of kW, according to the purpose and the capacity of the load can choose range is big, have the advantage of applicable to a variety of electricity load capacity.
Diesel generating sets generally takes only a few seconds, starting in emergency situations within 1 min with full load, under normal working state only within 5 ~ 10 min to full load, and the steam power plant from the start to take full load generally need 3 ~ 4 h, diesel generator outage process is very short, but even in an emergency shutdown, normal stop process of no more than 3 min, but frequent start-stop. This characteristic makes diesel generating set is very suitable for as an emergency or standby power supply.
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