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The consequences of improper use of diesel generators
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The consequences of improper use diesel generators
Speaking of diesel generators, we should be very familiar with, but to its correct operation may not be very skilled. The following talk about what are the consequences due to improper use diesel generators.
1, diesel generator cooling machine starts, because of heavy oil viscosity and poor mobility, is the lack of oil pump oil machine friction surface smooth and bad for lack of oil, to form a sharp wear and scuffing, tile burning problems that attack.
2, diesel generator cooling system of the water cycle stop after flameout, heat dissipation can be drastically reduced, heat loss of cooling, easy to form a cylinder head, cylinder liner, cylinder block, such as overheated parts, cracks, or make excessive contraction stuck piston within the cylinder liner.
3, when stop without idle speed diesel engine cooling, can make the lack of friction surface oil, when diesel engine to start again, exacerbated by bad smooth wear.
4, lack of diesel generator cooling water will reduce the cooling effect, due to can not get effective cooling diesel engine overheating; High oil temperature of the cooling water, oil, also can make diesel engine is overheating.
5, the cylinder head, cylinder liner, piston and valve components such as the main heat load is big, the mechanical properties such as strength, toughness and other landing, sharply increase the deformation of parts, reduce the fit clearance between the parts, accelerate parts wear and tear, serious when still can produce crack, parts get stuck.
6, diesel generator cooling water, the oil temperature through high oil will accelerate the aging disintegration and burning loss, and the oil viscosity, sets of cylinder and piston and main friction pair of smooth condition deteriorates, cause abnormal wear and tear.
7, also worsens the diesel engine, diesel engine overheating out process, make the fuel injector work disorder, atomization, increased carbon deposit.
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