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Fuel injection pump inspection and operation
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Fuel injection pump inspection and operation

Fuel injection pump is a
kind of important parts of diesel engine fuel supply system, fuel injection pump working status directly affect the power, economy and reliability of diesel engine. Proper maintenance is an important prerequisite to ensure the normal operation of fuel injection pump and prolong the service life of the fuel injection pump. The author summarizes the jet pump with the correct maintenance should do as follows:

To good use and filter diesel, in order to ensure access to clean diesel fuel injection pump.

In general, the requirements of the diesel filter diesel engine gasoline demand is much higher than that of gasoline engine, when using diesel fraction choice to meet the requirements, but at least 48 hours precipitation. Strengthen the diesel filter cleaning and maintenance, clean or replace filters in time; Timely according to the working environment of diesel tank cleaning, clear tank bottom sludge and water, and any impurities of diesel fuel injection pump plunger, oil valve coupled parts and transmission parts cause serious corrosion or wear and tear.

Two, should check whether the oil quality and quantity of fuel injection pump oil tank meet the requirements.

Every time you start the engine should check the fuel pump oil quantity and quality (by forcing the engine lubrication oil pump in addition to ensure enough oil amount, good quality, if oil mixed with water or diesel fuel and metamorphism, light makes the plunger and valve coupled parts wear, lead to the lack of diesel engine is difficult to start, serious corrosion lead to oil and plunger valve coupled parts. Due to the oil spill, oil valve, pump rod and casing wear, sealing ring is damaged, will lead to diesel oil leak into the tank and dilution, so should be based on the quality of the oil change in time, change the oil pool thoroughly clean, clean all the oil pool of mud at the bottom of the oil and impurities, otherwise it will not be long oil degradation. The number of oil cannot be too little or too much, the governor of too much fuel, easily lead to "speed" of diesel engine, will also go bad lubrication is too little, should be a machine or oil feet flat screw. Also when the diesel engine is not used for a long time, be sure to check if there is water pump oil tank oil, diesel oil and other impurities, if have replaced immediately, otherwise due to the long time storage, water easy to rust the plunger, oil valve coupled parts and useless.

When use, coupling bolt looseness, wear and tear of CAM and roller components, which often leads to fuel delivery advance Angle and cylinder oil interval Angle, so that deterioration of diesel combustion, diesel engine power, economy, and at the same time, start is difficult, stable operation, abnormal sound and overheating. In actual use, most drivers pay attention to the overall check and adjust fuel supply advance Angle, but neglected the injection interval Angle (including single pump fuel supply advance Angle adjustment) check and adjust, cause the overall adjustment of the first cylinder injection is cylinder.

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