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Causes and Treatment of Diesel Generator 's Nozzle failure
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Diesel generator fuel injectors are one of the three pairs of precision couplings for diesel fuel supply systems. The normal lifespan in more than a thousand hours. But due to improper use, often use hundreds of hours, or even tens of hours to wear stuck.

First, the main reason for nozzle stuck:

① The diesel is not clean, there are impurities things in the high-pressure Pipe.force out of the blister needle valve wear, so that the needle valve closed lazy, burning indoor high-pressure gas channeling, even burned the needle valve.In addition, the pressure spring of the nozzle, tappet and other parts of the dirt through the injector tappet moved to the injector

On the top of needle valve, or oil wire used to prevent oil leadge,the wire through the high pressure tubing into the injector, will make the needle stuck stuck.

② the machine temperature is too high and the injector cooler is in bad condition, make tiger land valve stuck. And the oil supply time is too late, the cooling water pipe scale too much or blocked, pump impeller edge wear, long-term overload of the engine also will make the engine overheating.

③ out of the valve wear, so that the injector has the stop phenomenon and the oil drip, so that the sparkling mouth burning coke, the occurrence of stuck failure.

④ blasting pressure is too low, resulting in high-pressure combustion chamber gas channeling;

⑤ Injector installation, not install gasket or gasket damage, resulting in leakage, causing the injector local temperature is too high and stuck.

⑥ Manufacturing reasons, such as the cylinder head on the injector mounting hole and the injector is too tight, the needle body and the cylinder head on the installation hole clearance is too small, the cylinder head injector installation hole processing is too deep.

Second, repairing method for the injector:

First stuck the nozzle into the diesel or oil for heating, and then remove and wrap it with the cloth, and then clamp the needle valve and slowly move the needle from the needle valve body removed. Will be a small amount of cleaning machine oil droplets in the needle valve body, so that the needle valve in the needle body repeated activities, until the needle valve in the needle valve body freely. If the sealing surface of the needle valve has burns, it should be ground with grinding paste. It should pay attention to grasp the amount of grinding paste and grinding time. Put the clean the bell valve even install the fuel injector, and adjust the fuel injection pressure can be reused.

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