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Reasons for overheating of diesel generating units
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Reasons for overheating of diesel generating units

General diesel generating set of machines in use process found engine overheating, then immediately stop running, fault to catalogue for retrieval. If you still continue to operate, may cause irreparable consequences, must cause the attention of the user. So, what are reasons for diesel generating set of machine overheating?
1. The generator set (tank) serious leakage of the cooling system, make the lack of coolant and overheating. At this point, can be directly observed and able to rule out
2. Generator water pump shaft and impeller loose, make the interruption of cooling water circulation and overheating. Can be used to judge: simple and practical touching performance as the engine temperature is very high, and the radiator temperature is low, and will repair or replace the engine pumps.
3. The diesel generator water pump belt is too loose or broken and overheating.
4. The generating set thermostat failure suddenly.
5. The engine fan fault.
6. Diesel generator tank scale, too much debris blocking water tank, ignition timing, generating set big load long time running, etc., can also lead to the engine is overheating.
Finally want to remind everybody, if diesel generator set of machine once the overheating phenomenon, should immediately treatment, treatment should be calm and quickly and do three prevention: to prevent engine piston glue cylinder; To prevent burns; To prevent the engine cylinder block, cylinder head crack.

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